These belts help to achieve precise processing control, carefully metered packaging, and reliable material flow.

Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Timing Belts

Vertical Form-Fill-Seal Belts insure reliable timing and metering for precise production and packaging processes.

  •  Fray-resistant fabrics with high-strength & flexibility
  •  Non-slip fabrics for exact run timing
  •  Rubber covers that exceed industry standards
  •  Tight durometer tolerance for consistent performance
  •  Heat resistant rubber compounds to eliminate glazing
  •  Seamless covers for uniform wear & longer belt life
  •  Covers that reduce visible rubber dust build-up

Live Roller Drive Belts

Linear Timing Belts provide exceptional performance in conveying and precision motion control applications. We offer two potential constructions to meet your application needs – welded endless and open ended. A variety of tooth pitch, length, and material combinations are available that cover a wide range of possible configurations for your specific application.

  •  High tensile strength and stiffness
  •  No cords are exposed at belt edges
  •  Superior tracking and uniform tensioning
  •  Tough abrasion resistant polyurethane construction
  •  Nylon back & tooth options for less noise & reduced friction





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